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I've got a really weird problems which is driving me nuts, and that's that I've today got a regular disconnection from the internet every hour. I noticed on a few timestamps in a VoIP program labelled Mumble that theese connections only occur just once every hour, in my case XX.52. I am not sure which time I booted my computer, so I cant determine wheter I caused this by opening a site/program or if it's caused automatically on system boot up.

To provide with hopefully enough information, I'll tell you what happened before and during.

Yesterday as I was to hit the bed, I decided to watch a movie on my laptop. I don't really have anything important on that computer, so I enter almost any site, no matter what it includes. This connection was a mobile connection through a stick plugged into the USB port. Since this connection was so slow, I pulled the ethernet cable from this(from which I type on and recieve the disconnection at) PC running through the Ethernet port on a Asus P7P55D-E Pro. I kept browsing theese weird sites which I have no clue if they might have been infected with malware or not. What happened now as I turned on my (this) computer is that it first of all updated the system with the updates installed during the turnoff yesterday. Then I connected my Ethernet cable and got this weird disconnection. Whenever I enter a game or a VoIP channel, the software someway tells me that there's a problem with my connection, but after about 8-10 seconds it goes back to normal for almost exactly one hour, then this repeats.

My theory was that my laptop browsing yesterday somehow infected my Router or my Network and caused a regular disconnection, but this seem to be a odd problem and I've never heard about any similiar problem. Do you guys have an idea? :)

Many thanks, my faith is in your hands!
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  1. Download and run Malwarebytes in Save Mode with Network and do a full scan
  2. I will :) Ill report results mañana
  3. Does the laptop disconnect too, or is it just the computer?

    Also if your haven't all ready unplug the router and modem (if you have one) and plug them all back in, some times a reboot is all it takes.
  4. I should've included that the laptop does NOT disconnect at all, its just the computer and my brother who runs on the same network wireless does just recieve a lagspike around the same time as I.

    Stupid as I am, I installed mbam in Swedish which obviously would make it even harder for anyone settled in the US or another non-swedish talking county. You problably have seen a report like theese many times before, so I don't think understanding it'll be too hard. However there was no infected object over any disks among ~320k files

    Databasversion: 5076

    Windows 6.1.7600 (Safe Mode)
    Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385

    2010-11-09 00:00:41
    mbam-log-2010-11-09 (00-00-41).txt

    Skanningstyp: Fullständig skanning (C:\|D:\|E:\|F:\|)
    Antal skannade objekt: 318799
    Förfluten tid: 32 minut(er), 33 sekund(er)

    Infekterade minnesprocesser: 0
    Infekterade minnesmoduler: 0
    Infekterade registernycklar: 0
    Infekterade registervärden: 0
    Infekterade registerdataposter: 0
    Infekterade mappar: 0
    Infekterade filer: 0

    Infekterade minnesprocesser:
    (Inga illasinnade poster hittades)

    Infekterade minnesmoduler:
    (Inga illasinnade poster hittades)

    Infekterade registernycklar:
    (Inga illasinnade poster hittades)

    Infekterade registervärden:
    (Inga illasinnade poster hittades)

    Infekterade registerdataposter:
    (Inga illasinnade poster hittades)

    Infekterade mappar:
    (Inga illasinnade poster hittades)

    Infekterade filer:
    (Inga illasinnade poster hittades)

    Many thanks, and I've tried to disconnect my router/modem (which both are included in one) from my wall socket and plugged it back after a few minutes, but this did not solv my problem.

    My theory remains for me, but I do not have a clue what it actually could be

  5. Worth to mention although, the buffering speed in youtube on my laptop was pretty weak actually. But I can't say there was a disconnection every hour. Didn't really have the problem in mind then.

    Thanks !:)
  6. In order to´maintain a as updated thread as possible, I'd like to inform that I tested mbam without safe mode activated, and with administrator privilegies but the results are the same, but for the double time it took and approximately 2k files more. I am also running mbam without safe mode on my laptop, but now after 1½ hour and ~160k files total on all partitions, theres not a single infected file or process. Could it work to fully reset the router/modem to factory settings and then reconfigure passwords and encryptions? However there's none but my and my brothers computer using the network.

    Many thanks for your advices!
  7. I've solved the problem, thread may be locked :)

    For those who ever might try to solve a similiar problem, my solution was to reset BIOS. Thanks for advice :)
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