Ok so i have a computer that has a Geforce 6200 and itm is connected to a 32" HDTV that is 1080p i believe using a Dvi-HDMI
so my problem is..

It has no VGA only hdmi so thats my only option
but when i expected 1920x1080 res it displayed very bad the words were un-readable and any game i play has lines going thru it about every 50 pixels or sumtin

so ive found its only gets clear at 1280x720 but another problem comes along... about an inch of the screen is cut off meaning i cant see the taskbar or the [ _ □ X ] buttons at the top or the name of the window

Im not sure how to explain it its just cut off

so again ive found out how to fix using Nvidia control panel and it brings the res down even more to 1216x 676 which is bad for gaming... or movies

What is causing the problem? and how can i fix or get higher resolution?
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  1. Hello... my experience, with helping people with 1080p output from computer to HDTV, is to use a Nvidia 8600 or 9600 class cards or higher... will work with a single core processor... but must have a Pci-x slot on your motherboard... i've found these cards for around $35 on Ebay... get the ones with Dual DVI-I connectors... 128 meg or 256 meg models will work... you also will want a DVI-I to HDMI connector... to get audio you will need to connect your sound card to the TV's audio input that also shares the HDMI video input... HDMI is a digital siginal and digital audio... VGA is a analog signal... DVI-I shares a digital signal and analog signal to different pins...

    Check WIKIpedia for explanation for different connector types and tech names for them... also card models and features.

    Also that card supports 2 monitors running at 1080P... which can be nice too!!! Never buy a card or monitor any more with VGA connectors... extra electronics that are outdated and can breakdown on that equiptment... after all your computer data is all digital... and not Analog... : )

    Sounds like your running a analog signal out your video cards to a digital input on your TV... they are not compatable... some HDMI inputs on TV's can be switched to analog input settings... but results will very... as you are getting...

    If your serious about HDTV viewing from your computer, then upgrade your video card... and use a digital signal only...
  2. Yes i forgot to mention gefroce 6200 is the best card i can get becacuse its an PCI only motherboard no agp or PCI-express i am also running a 3.5 Jack- analog[red & white] from the back of the computer to the tv.

    Upgradng the motherboard is sortof out of question since i recently lost my job and are now looking for a new one!

    My whole setup is fully digital becaus the dvi and hdmi are digital . the TV is also digital

    any hardware tweaks or software i can get to force 1920x1080 with clear picture?

    Also. my PS3 runs at 1080p on the same TV and is clear.
  3. Anyone else have more information?
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