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What graphic card should i get

i just ordered me a asus 1920x1080 display for my computer and next week gonna order a graphics card
i had my eyes on the sapphire 6790 because i like the overall size performance but what gpu do u think will match a phenom 2 x2 555 at 4ghz with 8gb of 1600mhz ram 9 cas any suggestion i got 650w power supply
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  1. For that resolution I would go for HD6850 or GTX460 1GB in the long run you would be happier than the HD6790
  2. see i have a antec 300 and that card will be really big in my case plus i plan on upgrading when the 7000 series comes out but the only thing is will the 6790 play most games at 1080p for 2 years
  3. can i fit 4 hdd and this card in a antec 300 and will my 4ghx phenom x2 back it up because i love the cooling design but just dont wanna buy something and bottle neck or not have room for it
  4. The Antec 300 accepts cards up to 11" long and most HD6870 cards are 10" and change. It has 6 internal HDD bays so not having a drive where the card is should be fine with 4 drives installed.
  5. will i bottle neck performance
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    A dual core running at 4GHz should be a good match with HD6870!
  7. Just no PhysX support with AMD right?
  8. amd does physx they just don't have a fancy name for it muddypantz
    thanks i will ether go 6870 or 6790 depends on what i do idk yet rolli59
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