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Questions about power supply relevance

I noticed that aside from the HDD, CPU and GPU the Power Supply (PSU) can get pretty expensive.
I am faced with 750W PSU's ranging from $50 to more than $150.

I understand that the better the model the better the efficiency -- so I save money on my electric bill, but:

Can a better PSU (same Wattage) increase the efficiency and speed of my computer overall? Will my computer PERFORM better as a result of a more expensive PSU??

What are the real benefits of buying a "better" PSU aside from power efficiency.

My specs

Win 7 64 ult
core i7 2600k
16gb hyperx ddr3
500gb generic 7200 rpm + 64gb ssd kingston
asus dvdrw
Gig gtx560ti
Gig z68

Thank you for reading :)
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    A "better" PSU has less chance of exploding, that is reason enough for most. The PSU supplies electricity to a device where the slightest off spark can destroy all your parts. Cheapskate models will actually go so far as exploding in extreme circumstances and frequently lie about the power they supply, so they are really no better than a cheaper model with less power. Faulty PSUs can also cause random hard to pinpoint errors in daily use. It's not a matter of what you "gain" with a brand name, but a matter of what you lose with poor quality. More efficiency can be a good indicator since highly efficient models are giving more back to your system for their draw. Plus, electricity's expensive these days.

    That being said, price alone doesn't determine quality, and going too far over with your wattage is a waste of power and really not great for your components either. Stick with well recommended brands. The priciest model of that brand is not always necessary, sometimes it is just a matter of savings on energy bills, quiet operation, modular cables, etc.
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  3. Thank you for the knowledge. I never considered it that way. Based on this setup, do I need more than 750w (or less)?

    Gigabyte z68
    Core i7 2600k Small hsf (stock or Zalman)
    Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti
    64GB Kingston SSD
    500GB 7200 rpm generic
    16GB DDR3 Hyper X memory
    Generic CD/DVD read/write
    1x 140mm fans (led)
    3x 120mm fans (led)
    8 USB

    Is there a power supply you would recommend if price was no object?

    Thank you for your responses
  4. 750 watts is enough for 2 560 no problem if you wanna go that far but for one 560 the best is this

    the better value option for 1 560 is this

    for a balls to the ball 750 watt psu witout compromise

    for a value option this is perfect

    or this
  5. Thank you!
  6. here is a site to find proper psu info
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