Please Rate My PC Build?

Sup forums, I was just wondering if you forum veterans could rate my PC that I just recently finished building. I'm glad I got it finished and it works far that is. ;) But below is a list of my current specs. Could you please rate anywhere from 1(Dell) to 5(Mac) to 10(Alienware) lol if you know what I mean in terms of performance/looks whatnot. BTW all these parts were purchased through NewEgg and it's amazing deals/UPS shipping.


Case NZXT Phantom -Red

Mobo Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3

HDD Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB

Optical Drive Sony Optiarc CD/DVD Burner

Video Card Radeon HD 6950 1GB w/ free Dirt3 game [:huntluck:7]

CPU AMD Phenom X2 1090T Black Edition

CPU Cooler (The stock cooler was pretty lousy lol) Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

RAM G.Skill Ripjaws 8gb 1333 w/ free 4gb SD Card

PSU CoolMax 700W

I think that's about everything. So yeah if you could take the time to read and comment I'd appreciate it.
Constructed this monster from 8-28 and finished 9-28. Total spent: an estimated $905.
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  1. Its a really good build, i'm sure you get some solid gaming out of it!

    I would rate it better than alienware, alienware are so overpriced, you pay for looks in an alienware.
  2. shaqxolotl said:
    Its a really good build, i'm sure you get some solid gaming out of it!

    I would rate it better than alienware, alienware are so overpriced, you pay for looks in and alienware.

    Thanks! I hope to get some great gaming out of this rig too. Gotta wait for my main OS to come (Windows 7 professional -$93, forgot to add that in there, using Ubuntu for now mehhh. But yeah I agree a lot on alienware. One of my friends was pretending to purchase one to see how much it would be. It was about $4000 for a laptop, and then it kept asking for all this other stuff to include in the bill. (printers, software, preinstalled games) as cool as that LED lighting was going all towards looks.
  3. Ok it is a good build BUT if you don't mind criticism here it is.

    First the 1.5TB is just good for storage. If you want something faster you could go w/ a 320-500gig Hard Drive but faster speed/performance.
    Second Motherboard I would have picked a 990FX board like the ASUS Sabertooth
    Third would have gone w/ 1600 clock speed for ram. Ripjaws are good just faster clock
    The 6950 card are great cards. I have the 2GB card myself.
    From a 4 being a low end gaming PC to a 10 a super PC. I would give yours a 7

    I would keep the 1.5TB just add a faster Hard Drive for OS,games and programs u use most
  4. For 905.00 i would have built a i5-2500k intel based build, yet at the same time I might kick myself later as bulldozer comes out.

    I would have purchase a mid tower case, considering that that board is not sli or crossfire ready (still might be possible). Probably a haf 912/antec 300 illusion, but a case is kind of a personal preference. Also you probably will have that case for a very long time, and full towers are nice to work in.

    Overall pretty good build.
  5. Yeah, the case is really big but I'm definitely gonna be using it for a looooong time. I really liked the case cause of the color, layout of the ports, and the inside was good for me to work in. Thanks for the feedback!
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