Asus MoBo question

I am building a "budget" desktop PC.

ASUS Mobo, Socket 1155, Intel
ATX full size case

My question is what are the drawbacks if any if i select a micro ATX board.
I would choose the full size but there are some great deals on the mico boards. I will be utilizing the ON-BOARD sound and video

I will not be upgrading this machine and it will be used for basic stuff
including email, surfing and not much else

I do want to go with quality components

Thanks in advance!
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  1. One thing to check, is that your chosen case has the necessary mounting points for micro-ATX. Most do, but every now and then you'll find some that don't. Best to find out before you buy.

    As for the rest, basically the smaller the board the fewer features can be crammed on, but if you're fine with that, then can't really think of anything else.
  2. If you use your pc only for basic stuff and for internet, then no need to get a full ATX. Its for gaming with more feature like multi-gpu and better overclock with more memory slot.

    mATX lacks on this feature but more than enough for you.
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