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I accidentally spilled water on my DELL n5010 laptop and it immediately turned off by itself.
I did all I could to dry it with a hair dryer, and removed the keyboard, battery and disk drive, left it for a couple of hours but when I attempt to turn it on, it won't. there is no light or any other blinking. the laptop looks dead. is there any hope that it will turn on later? do I have to do something else? please help, because it's extremely important.

thank you.
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  1. try to leave it for a howl night and if it still doesnt switch on you must open up and see what the damage was and try to fix it, if you dont know how to fix it get someone who can.
  2. Put into rice, and then heat the container with the rice and laptop over low heat, that should get all water out. DO this for all of the individual parts, then do it to the laptop.
  3. Hi,

    not an offense against amuffin, but I'd consider the heating up rather dangerous. If you really want to try the rice, put it into the bright sun or under an infrared lamp for several hours.

    I'd rather recommend this (although - honestly speaking - I believe the laptop is toast)

    - take it apart completely.

    - except for display, hard disk and DVD drive flush everything thoroughly with ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL of the highest concentration you can get at the chemist. Alcohol is hydroscopic, meaning it attracts water and binds it.

    - after that put all parts into the sun or under IR lamp for a couple of hours.

    - reassemble and try...

    Some people here have "fixed" mobile phones that way after dropping them into swimming pools, toilets or even salt water on the beach. Well, some had to replace the battery afterwards.

    How much water was it anyway? Not that it really matters if it only went into the "right places"...
  4. worse comes to worse you can take the hard drive out of it and put it into an exsternal usb enclosure and you will be alright from there.. you may even be able to boot from it.. but i would only consider this as a short term fix also you may want to consider cloneing the drives contents onto what ever replacement solution you choose
  5. Thank you all for your quick replies. there has been some change in the situation. at first the laptop started booting, the LEDs were on, and then a "beep beep beep" like sound started.(the screen was dark all the time, on but dark) I turned it off. when I tried it later no lights except for the CD-ROM's led was on, not even the power button's light. but the fan was working. thats all it does. when I connect it to the power cable it starts the fan but nothing else. any hope it will recover?
    thank you very much for your support.
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