New H77M-D3H, not working after 1 boot ...

I just bought a Gigabyte H77M-D3H. I assembled it started it up:

- On 1st boot: "works", didn't notice BIOS screen tho, saw my SYSLINUX bootloader from my old HDD tho. Didn't suceed loading my Arch Linux likely because of differences in BIOS settings: notice the same error something about `/dev/sda7` not found: had the same thing when I was using ASUS H67-M, and changed SATA mode from IDE to AHCI.
- Restarted intending to boot OS: failed, no BIOS screen, but also no beeps nor any bootloader
- Tried a few more times, same results
- Tried removing all connectors, front audio, USB, HDD, GPU (used Integrated Graphics instead), failed
- In fact after a few tries, the fans started and stopped after some time. And sometimes, doesn't start at all! I tried ensuring all connectors left are tight too.

What might have gone wrong? 2 main signs of problems here/summary:

- Missing BIOS screen, nothing seen on screen
- Fans start and stop, or doesn't start at all sometimes

Processor is i3 2100


Oh yes I also did notice some kind of clicking noise, I thought it was HDD, but I disconnected it, I think it still persisted, for sometime until the fans just start and stopped. I know my PSU is Seasonic, should be, the 500W one.


Ok, just tested again today, plugged in my old ASUS H67-M (which has corrupt BIOS, I think), all fans spin OK. PC doesnt start most likely because of BIOS corrupt. So I think I can say other components CPU/PSU works fine?

Then also tried installing this new H77M-D3H again, same problem, fans spin and then die down.

While removing the MB to be sent back to shop, I also noticed the CPU wasnt hot or anything like like
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  1. try to clear CMOS as the first step and reboot your system and click del with a tempo instead of poking it too much.
  2. err I should not be required to do that right?

    btw seasonic m12ii 520w should be sufficient?
  3. clearing cmos is basic checking for all users.
    520w should be good to your system without heavy loading vga.
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