Would a q6600 wok in a conroe 945g motherboard

Hi all, I was really hoping if someone could tell me if a Intel Q6600 quad core would work with a ASrock Conroe 945g motherboard with 4GB of memory? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Many thanks
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  1. have you looked on the asrock site for the cpu compatibility list?
  2. According to the CPU compatibility list, NO.
  3. Thanks for the heads up lads!!! I went and bought a Q6600 without doing more research like an idiot as i thought it would work but now it ends up it wont!!! :( Can you recomend a good motherboard which will work for around £60-70 and which i can Overclock to some degree? I want to set up a PC for gaming but its been about 3 years since i last built my PC so im well out of touch as you have heard lol with all the new stuff thats been released since then? I will also be running a PCI Express Geforce 8800GT Alpha Dog addition graphics card and a creative soundblaster Audigy 7.1 sound card. Thanks again!!!
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