Help overclocking 710 x3

Looking to take this cpu to a higher clock but cant seem to get it over 3.39 ghz. I am running a xfx 8200 mobo which does not give to many options for overclocking. I cant change teh multiplier so I can only change bus speed which I have set to 261 atm. I know this cpu can go higher. Just not sure on this board if there is anything else I can do. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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  1. I'd look to a cheap Am3 board, with a 700 series or higher chipset, that clock is a bit mental lol, don't forget a decent cooler as well if you don't already have one
  2. yeah I have 8 gigs corsair xmx3 dd3 sitting on my desk and the board was my next venture just wasn't sure how much I would gain switching boards other then upgrading to ddr3. and what do you mean by the clock being mental?
  3. The higher your baseclock, the more unstable your Oc will potentially be, thats why its 'easier' to up the multi, it doen't affect all the bus ratios,ram etc, I have one of my rigs at 240 and wouldn't go higher :P
    Other benefits of newer boards could include usb 3.0, sata3 and multiple x16 pcie lanes for graphics cards, I just went for a basic 'upgrade' level though,
    as in if you are planning a build I would start fresh in your case, save the ram and hdd maybe, everything else new

  4. yeah I mean normally I wouldn't go that high but people have already done it and are running smooth passing prime test and all so I was just wondering what was limiting me to 261. I was thinking it was memory since it's already clocked to 521mhz on ddr2 800.
  5. Yeah, thats probably whats killing you, the rams clocked up some and thats where most instability hits, you have any options for increasing the HT link? or is it literally the clock only that is adjustable?
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