Planning a New System - Is it overkill?

Okay, so I'm planning on building a new computer, and I need to know if it's overkill and if I'll ever experience lag under any circumstance save acts of god. You know, before I go off blowing $1500 I don't really have and should be spending on food as opposed to a computer.

I'm planning on:

i7-2600K (planning to overclock to 4-4.4)
16GB of 1600MHz RAM
Radeon HD 6870
750W PSU
Devoted love and affection

So, will this work for nearly everything I can conceivably throw at it within the near future? I already picked up the RAM ($90, was too good to pass up).

I've been using computers that are so plagued with lag and problems, I never want such a problem again. This'll work to play most games, run most programs, and record/edit a song or too, right? Also, an identifiable potential bottleneck would be nice. I won't be playing most FPS, but strategy (Total War) and simulations (FSX) are expected, plus Skyrim and Battlefield 3. This should be adequate to never (or almost never) experience lag, right?
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  1. Your gpu is a bit low. Aim for at least a gtx560ti or a 6950.

    From what you mention, only fsx can take advantage of the 2600k. For your other needs, the 2500k is good enough.

    You need a heatsink for overclocking. Check out the cm hyper 212 evo for $35

    8gb of ram is more than enough. You could have saved $40 there, but you already purchased so nothing we can do.

    A good 650w psu ia enough for a single gtx560ti or 6950. 750w for two of these cards.
  2. If price is your concern, then I would suggest you to drop down your processor to 2nd generation core i5's, and get a better GPU instead.
    I think you should go for 6950, or 6990 if it fits in..!!
    Core i5's are good, and wont bottleneck your GFX card, but cant guarantee that you'll be able to play all the games in near future maxed out.
    Because unreal engine, especially is on killing spree. They might plan to go farther in graphics quality, and the same for other game makers too.
    But 69XX series would be better than 6870 though..!!
  3. From what you two say, the GPU seems to be a bit low. I'm not very knowledgeable on GPUs, but after reviewing the two I've decided I could fit in a 6950, possibly Crossfire at a later date.

    If FSX can take advantage of the i7, switching down is out of the question.

    As for the heatsink, I'll grab one if I need one. I chose a big case with a lot of airflow, but aftermarket cooling (liquid :bounce: ) is definitely an option.

    Just a further question: About how future-proof would this build be?
  4. Nothing is future proof. Every rig is outdated when it is built, it is justa a matter of how outdated.

    I agree on the GPU suggestions, and would add an SSD if it is within budget.
  5. If I added a SSD, how would I use it? I'm not quite sure how to use it to its maximum ability. I figure OS, but would I add games to it or put those on hard drive?
  6. Big cases with a lot of airflow does not always mean good airflow. Think of it this way, imagine sitting infront of a fan about 1 feet away. Now imagine sitting in front of the same fan from 5 feet Away. Notice how much "weaker" the airflow is? It's the same if your case is big, and you have the bare minimum inside. The air the fans pushed gets dispersed before it reaches your parts.

    That's as future proof as you can reasonably get at this time. (just make sure you pick a mobo with pci3.0 and ivy bridge ready. Asrock z68 extreme3 or 4 gen3 is good)

    No need for water cooling. That air cooler i suggested above ( cm hyper 212 evo) can get you to 4.4-4.5 ghz.

    For ssd, there's numerous options. 1 is to get an ssd 60gb or less and use it as a cache. 2nd is to get a 128gb as your boot drive. This is where you install your os, and all programs you regularly use. Just remember fill it up to 80% only. Mp3s and videos and rarely used programs go to your storage hdd.
  7. EnterOrion said:
    If I added a SSD, how would I use it? I'm not quite sure how to use it to its maximum ability. I figure OS, but would I add games to it or put those on hard drive?

    If you were to get a ssd of 120gb or higher then you would make two partitions , one at 20gb and the rest on the second patition. You would then use the 20gb for the Intel Smart Response and the other partition for your OS. I would only put your OS and one game and a few apps. because you don't want to fill up the SSD , put most of your stuff on the hdd. Also if you have any intentions of sli or crossfire then you definatly want to keep the 750w psu.
  8. Okay, so about the RAM: I picked up 16GB and that's fine and all, I love going completely over the top. However, if I installed all of it would it lag me down? Or would it be okay to install all of it?
  9. Before you install, is it 1.5v?

    More ram won't make your system slower. It'll actually go faster (assuming you actually need more than 8gb)
  10. That's a pretty big assume, lol. I double checked and it's 1.5v. That's normal, right?
  11. Yes, for an Intel build you want 1.5v on the RAM.
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