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Hello Everyone! I'm planning to buy a motherboard that supports a 2133 memory speed and also a memory that is of this speed; however, the memory hardware that I'm planning to buy is not on the motherboard's memory support list even if the speed is supported. Can you guys advise if I can proceed with my plan? What are the odds if I will proceed?
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  1. 2133? It's probably twice as expensive as regular 1600 cas 9 ram. Unless you're rich, I would get the regular stuff and use the savings for something else, like a bigger ssd. Most boards have a limit of 1333 (some Intel) or 1600 (some amd) so the board manufacturers don't bother testing faster ram. It may work fine, but only if the cpu overclocks stable. It's a crapshoot; I would go for 1866 if it's cheaper.
  2. Thanks for the response, 01die! I don't mind spending a big amount of money for this. I have been saving money to buy high-end hardware for my new computer. But first, I just want to make sure if I can proceed with my plan. =)
  3. Faster than 1600mhz memory is all about marketing. You will not see higher performance in the real world with 2133 over 1600mhz. Don't waste your money.
  4. Wow, guess there are things that I still don't know about memories. Does this mean that all these memories that are over the speed of 1600mhz are crap? Can't I maximize the memory speed of the board even if it supported by it, say 2133 or 1866?
  5. You can overclock the cpu without raising the ram speed using the built in board ratios. Benchmarks don't support high end ram, but they may benefit extreme overclocking. In most applications, you can't tell the difference. Intel recommends 1333 ram for most of it's newer cpus, and one poster had his Intel warranty invalidated by Intel for using the wrong ram on his old 1366 board. I recommend running two ram slots with a 2x8 gb kit of either 1333 or 1600 ddr3; newegg has one of these kits for patriot gamers for only $50 after rebate in todays email promo.
  6. Alright, guess I'll just have to stick with 1600 DDR3. Thanks 01die!
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