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Weak power supply?

I just finished getting my first rig in order and it randomly turns off than turns back on. I used it for a few days on regular settings then tried the o.c. genie that came on the mobo for a day with no issues until now. I may be pushing it in terms of components for the psu i have in which is 730w. I have an i5 2500k w/ 6870 xf.
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    What is your PSU brand, if its 750w its fine but a bad brand will not work at the stated watts.
  2. 730W from whom?
  3. raid max its says its xf and sli ready. I just turned off o.c. genie and im running swtor fine no resets yet
  4. Gross. Junk it, buy a new one. (Look at the back of the PSU where the on/off switch is. See that little red voltage select switch? That makes it garbage.)

    If it's this one, do you really think you can get a 730W PSU for $66 shipped? I'm sorry, do you really think you can get a QUALITY 730W PSU for $66 shipped?
  5. what does the voltage switch even mean? I was on a budget and i got a second gfx card as a present
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  7. The voltage switch is just a cheap way for PSU makers to use 110 and 220 volt outlets. Better quality PSU have more expensive parts in them that work for both (little circuit board). What is your second GPU that you got? I would recommend getting one of these that have 4 PCI-E connectors and you don't have to use adapters. When you buy a PSU there are only certain brands I even consider, a few are OCZ, Antec, Corsair, SeaSonic, PC Power & Cooling, XFX and some Enermax. For your price range the cheapest are these
    You could get the 650w depending on what cards you have. If you get a 750w consider one that is modular for nicer installation. You NEVER want to cheap out when you get a PSU because if it goes bad it can fry other computer parts, potentially making you lose hundreds of dollars instead of paying a few more for a good model up front.
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