DIMM memory for VX Chipset based Motherboard

I have a motherboard based on the VX chip set & I am having the devil's own
time upgrading my memory. I have tried a couple of different 64mb DIMMs and
my system will only see these as 16mb. Am I using the correct DIMMs? What
should I be using?

John Cyg.
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  1. I had the same problem and talked to many people about it and they said something about today's memory is not compatable with that Chipset. Soooo I had to go and order some more EDO ram just so I can get 64 meg. I tried 32meg and 64meg Sdrams pc66 and one reported 8meg and the other 16meg. I even tried to put a pc100 64meg ecc one in it and the puter would not even boot. So you might have to do like me and order some 72pin edo ram.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I new that it couldn't be just me. Well I have a 16mb DIMM & a 32 mb DIMM to give me 48 mb. These work. But I really need more than 48 mb so I decided to replace the 16 mb. This is where all of my trouble started. I had essentially the same results as you have reported.

    Can you run SIMMs in addition to DIMMs? I would not like to waste the memory that I have.

    John Cyg
  3. From what I was told yes and no. Alot depends on the mother board. I know you can find some EDO ram that is for Dimms but it is expensive.
  4. I know the answer! You have to use VERY old style SDRAM or, if it works, an EDO DIMM (they look just like SDRAM). The reason is this-the chipset does not support large pathway chips. The correct type of memory has a lot more chips on the stick-2mb per chip (that's 16 chips for a 32MB module!) This type of memory is very expensive (no longer in production and in limited supply) from "in the know" suppliers like Crucial-you would have to sellect the memory by the motherboard type instead of choosing standard dimms just to get the right one!
  5. The board might not support DIMM's over 16 megs (in each DIMM slot) also. Back then, you were the [-peep-] if you had 64 megs of RAM- even 32.

    -MP Jesse
  6. Nope, VX supports up to 64MB per SLOT (EDO DIMM) or 32MB/slot (SDRAM). It was just not compatable with X4 SDRAM or above (straight from the Intel webpage, I had this problem at one time also). That would be 4X16, 4X32, etc. So you can use EDO DIMMS, EDO SIMMS (if the board is equiped that way), or OLD style SDRAM.
  7. OK. LOL, i remember seeing EDO DIMMs- I laughed. That made no sense. From a performance stand point anways.

    -MP Jesse
  8. >>Can you run SIMMs in addition to DIMMs?
    Only if your DIMMs are EDO !
    i seen DIMM EDO , and i had a m/b that supports only EDO DIMMs (it is stupid) .

    All i can give you is the truth. Nothing more.
  9. Also, EDO DIMMs are very rare and extremely expensive.

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