How do i enable wireless networking?


i build my first computer recently and the only problem right now is that i can't access the internet. This threat is created from my laptop, which always detects lots of networks.

I have an ASUS P8P67 DELUXE motherboard, i5-2500 cpu, ripjaws RAM...

Question: Do i need to enable something to go wireless, like on my motherboard, or in windows itself? (note: i have windows 7 installed)

i read somewhere to connect with an ethernet cable once and install something? Anyway, i haven't got a clue.

I installed all the LAN drivers available on my motherboard support DVD.

THIS IS URGENT! So i would really appreciate all the help i can get!
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  1. do you have a wireless network card in your new build?
  2. Emerald said:
    do you have a wireless network card in your new build?

    If i had to buy that separatly, then: NO!

    I didn't know that i needed to buy that too. Why does nobody include this in their build specs? Seriously, how was i supposed to know if nobody actually wrote something about it. Lol, i feel ashamed...

    Any suggestions on such cards?
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