Athlon x3 460 or Intel g850?

Well im in a bit of a pickle here and i would like your opinions.

Would a x3 460 or g850 be best for games such as tf2,css,skyrim,new Vegas etc. I don't mind turning graphics down but i want them to be at least playable.I don't use my pc for anything else apart from gaming. My current set-up is a gtx 260 216 and a ocz 600w psu. I've read benchmarks which all point to the Intel being the best but due to more games using more than 2 cores i thought that the Athlon being best

If it helps the g850 is priced at £53 and the Athlon 460 at £58.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. the g 850 will be faster but if you are looking to play games that used more than 2 threads then the x3 isn't so bad either though the g850 will probably still be faster.

    you should look for motherboard prices and what you need as either one should play those games.
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply.

    I've heard that steam games use the CPU more rather than the gpu and i don't mind overclocking if that sways the choice.
  3. either one will play steam games as they really only require like a 2 ghz c2d to play at max.

    OCing the athlon might give it a slight edge but I'd still be leaning towards the g850.
  4. Ok thanks for the help!

    Sorry for all the questions but could you give me a quick run down of the types of 1155 motherboards e.g p67 h61 please?
  5. Quote:
    either one will play steam games as they really only require like a 2 ghz c2d to play at max.

    OK seriously that is the dumbest thing I have seen all week. Steam is a digital distribution service. There are no "Steam Games". The closest thing to that would be games from Valve. Everything from Call Of Duty to STALKER to Skyrim are games distributed by Steam. They all have their own specs needed to run them. Just beacuse you can run one game on Steam does not mean in any way that you can run all of them.

    Here is a realistic comparison of the x3 vs the Pentium.

    OP here is the info you need to pick a motherboard. Just find the chipset you need and pick a board by Asus, AS Rock, Gigabyte or MSI and you will be fine.
  6. the h61 and h67 is probably what you'd go with with a g850, they are the bare minimal and gives you 2 ram slots and 1 pci express slot generally, only real difference is the amount of usb and sata port I think.

    p67 is for performance and allows for OC and crossfire/sli

    Z68 is a full sized board and comes with ssd caching as well a generally more stuff.

    thats all I know. not much.
  7. Thanks to both of you for the help and sorry if I muddled things up. By steam I meant valve games e.g css tf2 left 4 dead. Thanks for the benchmarks, ive already seen them but still helpful and thank you for the motherboard explanations i found them very confusing.
  8. Those Valve games will run great on either of those CPUs. The Pentium has a bit of an edge there. Newer CPU intensive games like Skyrim need a more powerful CPU at least to max it out. Most FPS style games use the graphics card the most while MMO/RTS style games are more CPU hungry.
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