Which RAM/Hard Drive to buy?

Hello Everyone!

First off, thank you everyone for all of your help!

Question: Which is the best RAM/Hard Drive to purchase?

Specs: GA-965G-DS3
I believe, I can only install DDR2 240 pin/800 speed Ram

I will be using the desktop for Gaming!

I would like to spend <$100 for the Memory and <$150 for the Hard Drive ( I just need 250gb but more is always better!)

Thanks everyone!
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    Thats an old platform so you should probably get 4gigs of 800mhz memory from corsair,G.skill,mushkin,crucial,kingston or transcend

    For storage you will be better off getting an SSD for the OS an maybe a 500gb drive for programs.
    Below is a 60gb SSD and a 500GB HDD and both of them will fit into your budget



    Your system will see a significant benifit from an SSD. Shorter boot times,faster application loading and other stuff.

    Hope this was helpful
  2. This is great help!
    Thanks a lot for the options jaideep1337!

    In terms of those memory there, do you recommend a certain Brand, certain timings? Because there are so many options .

    In regards to the Hard drives, I apologize in advance, I am not too fluent in the workings of a computer. I build a very simple computer before but I have since lost track of all new technology. You suggested I install the OS on the 60gb and everything else on the larger HDD. In general then, how do I go about using these 2 hard drives, as in, what should I putting either Hard Drives? Thanks again!
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  4. Ok for the ram brands I usually use corsair or g.skill. They come with a lifetime warranty. For your platform I wouldn't worry too much about timings but just get a 800mhz kit which is the fastest supported by your motherboard.

    As for the HDD/SSD first plug in only the SSD and install the operating system on it and then plug in the Hard drive and use it for other programs(games,apps and other stuff)

    SSDs will allow you to boot really fast and have great transfer rates
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