New build turned onthen motherboard popped.

I just put together a new build. I turned on the power, the blue power light cam on then the fan started. Immediately after a few seconds it seemed the mother board went pop, and everything shut down. I also noticed I fogot to take off a coulpe of plastic bits of the video card. So I tried powering on again and nothing happened.
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  1. plastic mean the sli/xfire fingers???

    ok......sounds like somthing shorted out.....your gonna hafta uplug the psu from the mobo and test it......and find that short!!!

    switch off your psu......

    pull off the mobo 24pin plug......

    take a paperclip and jump the green and orange wires.........

    turn on the goes....its still good......

    no fan ....... its your psu
  2. I've just discovered I only put the six pin part of the graphics power supply and not the little 2 bit piece. But surely that would only mean the graphics card wouldn't power up, not the mother board short? I tried to power it up again and obviously nothing happened.
  3. have you tested the psu as instructed???
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