Hi all
I have on my machine an adaptec 29160 and an IBM UW160 SCSI disk.
I need some more storage space so I thought to connect my old 10gb
UDMA/33 IDE disk
Could this IDE disk can affect the performance of the SCSI disk?
Or the overall system?
I will use this disk to store files and not running programs.

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  1. Drive letters will change. The bios will always assign the first drive letters to IDE hard drives before SCSI. It doesn't mean you can't boot from the SCSI anymore (assuming the bios is set up appropriately). But some of the boot information I believe will get stashed onto the C drive as Windows just does that, which is no biggy (I think anyways). As for affecting the performance.. no. IDE is more of an interface, where SCSI is an actual separate bus all to it's own that's far more independant and they have certainly have very little influence on one another.
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