CPU spiking, why?

Hi everyone,
Ever since my most recent build, I noticed this going on:

It's been pretty consistent for about a year now, and I'm suspecting that it's the cause of my lag spikes while gaming. Every few seconds I'll go from flawless frames to freezing for a second or so then right back to smooth frames. Any ideas?

My system:

i7-870 @2.93GHz
4GB @1333MHz RAM
60GB Crucial SSD, system drive also containing two games
500GB Seagate hard drive, containing all my other junk
650 watt PSU
Win 7 Home Premium x64

Thanks guys!
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  1. check the processes tab, are there any strange processes, things that dont need to be running, things like dropbox, megakey, steam if its not a steam game :P
  2. Well I do have steam run at it known to be a resource hog? I'll have to check the processes tab once I get home hehe
  3. do you have skype, not so much steam, but skype... ive even checked will randomly use your cpu for no good reason
  4. what are the process working when it's spike post the picture
  5. Ok I think I've targeted the process, when I'm using VoIP in Xfire, the process along with some audio driver process spikes the one core. I shut Xfire down and it seemed to take care of the issue. Weird!

    I also updated my BIOS and installed some Intel IMF driver...dunno if that helped me at all or not. I also went into the BIOS and disabled the power saving option, and I think I'm getting a little better performance as well.

    I think I can close this case for now, thanks for the replies everyone :D
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