Phenom II x4 960T running slow...

Hey tomshardware.

Anyways I am on a new build.

AMD Phenom II X4 960T 3.0 ghz
Radeon HD 6850
Windows 7 Home Premium
650w PSU.
8GB DDR3 1333 Mhz RAM.

My situation is when I run games (Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Batman AC, Battlefield 3). I get about 23 to 30 frames for Brotherhood, 23-29 with Batman, and 31 to 36 with Battlefield 3.

I wonder why I can't get over 60 frames for all the games I played. I think it might have something to do with the CPU, unless otherwise the above image is from CPU-Z.
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  1. try disabling cool and quiet in the bios
  2. does your MOBO take 95w processors

    or 125w processors
  3. fuggles said:
    does your MOBO take 95w processors

    or 125w processors

    How do I disable cool and quiet?

    And the mobo takes 125w, but it was reccomended to put a 95w in there so I put 95w.
  4. Boot into bios and there should be an option somewhere.
  5. use high performance power plan in control panel power option
  6. What is your monitor resolution? What game settings? It's a freakin' 6850, not a 6970.....or 2.
  7. don't disable cool and quiet. it's designed to spin up the fan on the processor. the hotter the processor gets the faster it makes the fan turn. should have listed the resolution you play at but it may be your card that's holding you back. that along with in game settings will also determine how the game plays and the FPS you get. do the games play okay and it's just that you're worried you're not getting what you think you should be or you saw benchmarks somewhere and you think that's what you should be getting ?

    is the ram running at spec ?

    the picture you posted. processors will under clock themselves when not being stressed.
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