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Best Intel motherboard under $150?

Whats the best intel motherboard for gaming thats under $150 NZD?
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  1. Intel mobo is not good for gaming. Look for gigabyte, asus, asrock, msi.

    But what is you processor and other spec? Want to use multi-gpu? Need those info to suggest you for a good gaming mobo.
  2. i5 3750, single gpu with the space to upgrade will be good.

    that one any good?
  3. That is good mobo. But you can have this one for $70:

    It will also support multi-gpu and cost less.
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    With a non-k edition cpu, why a z77. H77 is enough for gaming

    But if OP want to spend $80nzd more, then z77-d3h is a good mobo.
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  6. Thanks all :)
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