Z77 Asrock extreme 6 and CPU

Hello and first sorry my bad english. I try to spell as good as i can though this :)

I got a new mb. Asrock z77 extreme 6 - and when i want to get my cpu on I5 3550 it just works! nice..

I have 16 gb ddr 3 ram and its also works fine.

rest of the specs:

i5 3550
geforce gt 440
asrock z77 extreme 6
16 ddr 3 kingston ram.
128gb SSD corsair

My problem is.

I want to upgrade the CPU and i got a cheap I5 3570K - Now the problem is comming.

When i mount the new i5 3570k i got the fail code "55" on the MB digital number flash. And when i lookt it up, i see its RAM LOADING FAIL. Hmm. But when i then mount the i5 3550 again its all ok and the com boots just right up!!

Hmm. I then think. a bios upgrade must do it! It was at stuck 1.4 i mean, and with the i5 3550 mounted i booted it up - and upgrade the bios through uefi to the lates version 2.1 i think it was called.

I looket up at the producent homepage -
1155 Core i5 i5-3570K(E1) Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz BLK 100MHz 6MB 77W P1.20
1155 Core i5 i5-3570K(E0) Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz BLK 100MHz 6MB 77W P1.20
1155 Core i5 i5-3570(N0) Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz BLK 100MHz 6MB 77W P1.40

Bios supported since, and it should work should it?!

I really dont know whats wrong - does anyone know ?? Or is it just simple, the CPU is dead on arrival?

Best regard - Lennart :)

edit: MB-> http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z77%20Extreme6/?cat=CPU
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  1. *posting so i see replies because i find the topic interesting*
  2. I you suggested already, it could simply be a faulty CPU. Maybe some problem with the memory controller in the CPU. Try testing it with 4 memory modules in another motherboard and with a BIOS version that supports the CPU.

    You can also test with a single memory module to see if that makes a difference.

    And with the new CPU in place, try clearCMOS. The procedure to do that should be described in the manual.
  3. thx for replay.

    Clearcmos is tryed without any result.

    i cant test it in another com because i dosent have any other mb with lga1155 . But i just make a rma on this.

    But i still think its weird :/

    Best regards Lennart
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