AMD 6450, GeForce 9600 GT

How does an AMD 6450 compared to a Nvidea 9600 GT?

I am looking to buy a new computer, and the model I'm looking at comes with AMD 6450. I currently have an Nvidea 9600 GT in an older computer. The new computer is faster, but how about the card? I think it is roughly similar to a 220 GT and I'm guessing the 9600GT should be closer to maybe the 240? So that would make the 6450 a step down from the 9600 GT?

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  2. The 9600GT is much better than the HD 6450.
  3. As far as I can tell the AMD 6450 isn't on that list.
  4. It's in the same tier as the X1800 XL, X1950 GT, and HD 4650. The 9600GT is seven tiers above it in the same tier as the 240GT DDR5.
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  6. Yep , after looking at it several times I finally saw it. Much lower than expected. thanks
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