3rd Display in Eyefinity: using different type of monitor ok?

I'm creating a 3 monitor Eyefinity spread with 2 LG 30'' monitors and (would like to add) another 30'' monitor from Dell. All the monitors of course run the same resolution, but I'm wondering if that will create any unforeseen problems with the graphics card?

I'm assuming that, other than the fact that the Dell monitor is newer and has better color correction, etc., I shouldn't experience any problems?

The GPU is a BlackEdition 5970 4GB Eyefinity 6 (6 MiniDP ports).
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  1. No, should not be a problem.
  2. Graphics card is fine, Eyefinity will work but bezel compensation will not (unless this has been fixed in the latest drivers). You need to have three identical screens; brand, resolution, model (identical at least to the system, you can always flash the EDID of the third non-identical screen).

    Here is a method for updating the EDID: http://widescreengamingforum.com/forum/12464/eyefinity-bezel-compensation-fixing-bad-edids
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