I need some help with the power supply calculator

I looked at the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator( and I don't know if my motherboard ( would qualify and a "High End - Desktop" motherboard or a "Regular - Desktop" motherboard? Also does a 7200 rpm sata drive qualify as "regular sata" or "high rpm"? Finally would the fans that came with my antec 300 case be "regular" or "high performance" fans
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    Since this is an estimation tool, I would always choose the higher power consuming answer just in case. So, I would use...

    High-end Desktop for the motherboard
    7200rpm is regular sata, 10,000rpm is high rpm
    those fans are regular

    It's always good to go a little higher than the PSU calculator suggest anyways, and that covers little things like this too. =) For example, if it says 523W then go with a 550W or 600W. I went with a 850W when it recommended 550W or so (much more than enough) and I'm glad because I am upgrading to a second card and dont have to worry! It's all up to you!
  2. so what would be the difference between high performance and regular fans?
  3. ones that operate at some seriously high rpms lol

    the fan type doesnt really matter much, but I dont think any fans that come stock are high performance
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