Need help with a Mobo for an i5 3570k. Only 1 GPU

Hi guys i need help i am going to be using 1 GPU.. i am going to be using an i5 3570k and will hopefully OC to at least 4.5 GHZ so i will need a z77 right?.. Does anyone know a decent mobo for around £70-£110..

I have heard the asrock extreme 4 is amazing but that is for using crossfire/sli..

Can someone please recommend me one please thanks
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  1. Z77 type motherboards are made for overclocking and I use asrock extreme 4 which are awesome but whether you hit 4.5GHZ is entirely up to quality of processor you get that and what kinda of cooling you use to keep the temps low enough.
  2. It's Fine to use Asrock z77 Extreme 4.
    Crossfire and Sli is up to you.
    Crossfire = 4x AMD GPU
    Sli = 2x Nvidia GPU
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