Windows 7 Bluetooth Driver issues?


I own a Logitech MX5500 blue-tooth keyboard and mouse combo. It's great and I love it. I recently moved to Windows 7 and that's when things started going down hill.

I get lag when I move my cursor, my keystrokes do not comes through correctly, and when I press a shortcut key it seems to open that application a whole bunch of times.

I believe that it may be a driver issue with Windows 7, maybe the set-point software does not work correctly with Windows 7. (Considering the fact that Logitech did release a Windows 7 version and that I am currently using it).

What are your views on what the problem can be? Is my keyboard stuffed? Or is Windows Stuffed?

Much appreciated.
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  1. Check your Device Manager.
    Does it say your Keyboard device is properly installed?
  2. Yes it does say that it's installed correctly. All the buttons function so
    I don't think the installation was a problem.
  3. Have you thought to replace the batteries?
  4. Yes, it was one of the first things I changed. I just don't get why the
    keystrokes don't come through correctly. Since it uses Blue-tooth, I
    wouldn't think that it would receive any interference.
  5. Have you tried plugging into a different USB port?
  6. Yes I have. I thought it might be the reicever so I got another one from
    Logitech but I still got the same problem.
  7. Can you try a standard type of USB keyboard?
    Not Blue-tooth.
  8. For testing purposes I have already tried, but the only reason that I don't change this keyboard
    is that it's pretty much perfect for my requirements. I deal a lot with databases and
    spreadsheets. The mouse on this set makes my live so much easier because of the fast
    scrolling. The inbuilt calculator on the keyboard is also a godsend.
  9. So, you are saying that a standard keyboard works fine. It's only the Logitech keyboard that you are having problems with?
  10. Yes. It's the model not just my one because I have already
    swapped it with a new one.
  11. Then, you need to take this up with the Logitech people.
    Maybe their Win7 driver needs to be improved.
  12. I contacted them, telling them that their software is not
    Windows 7 compliant and I'm having problem. However
    they assured me that the software was not an issue and
    that I can get a replacement under the warranty terms.
    I did however I still have the same problem.

    There is no problem with the Windows Vista / XP version so
    I too think that it's their Windows 7 Drivers at fault.
  13. There is a long shot you might try:
    sfc /scannow
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    have you tried using win 7 compatabilty mode and running it under the pretenses of xp or vista using there drivers instead of the 7 one? i had to do that for my old dell bt kb mouse combo and it works
  15. Fantastic it works perfectly! Almost, some of the functions is
    the software don't work properly, but at least I can type
    without problems. Thanks.
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