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I'm looking for a budget-priced (ideally $100 or under) ATX or micro-ATX motherboard for a new ~$750 gaming rig. The CPU is an i3-3220, GPU is most likely going to be a 7870. I don't need more than 2 PCIe slots, I won't be overclocking (obviously), I'm only using like one hard drive. Pretty low requirements. I'm assuming I should go with Z77 and if not H77 but if someone has other suggestions, go ahead.

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  1. Asus H77 Pro 4/MVP
  2. your better off spending 20.00 for a better board that has better parts like this one.
    the z77 chipset will let you overclock any k chips. so in a year or two you can drop in a cheap ib 4 core cpu in a z77 mb and have a better gaming rig. i have that mb and same cpu combo with a nvidia 650 card as a server system. it was drop the cpu in and the board fired right up with no issues.
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