Gtx 560 vs sapphire radeon 6870

hey !

im building a pc and i need help to find the right card... i have been looking on the Gtx 560 series and the radeon 6870, and now i'm only wondring witch ones best=?

let's say the 560, then wich one of them :"asus, PNY.. etc" and if radon : "shapphire, xfx..."
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  1. If you mean the gtx 560ti then check this site out:

    if its the gtx 560(non ti) check this site out:

    What are the prices on the two cards you can choose?
  2. personally i would go for the GTX 560ti from eiher Gigabyte or MSI
  3. The 6870 is faster than the GTX560.The GTX560ti is faster than the 6870
  4. Welcome to the forum btw.
  5. TY :)
  6. buyer need to be careful when looking for GTX560 because there was Ti version and non-Ti version. i see it like GTX260 and GTX260+. the only difference is when GTX260+ comes out nvidia stop making the one with 192 SP. GTX260+ was made to compete with 4870 while GTX560 was made to sell the chip that cannot fully become GTX560 Ti
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