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Max safe temp for 4350

right now my 4350 is at 40c. without any load on it at all. Ive never checked the full load temp but im going to but before i do, i want your input on a max temp?

i have the fan set to 100% along with a 120mm case fan blowing right on the card. Im thinking i should put some artic silver onto it if its worth the hassle. I have some sitting around
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  1. Your card should never pass 70c. Otherwise you should be fine. My GT240 runs at 3x idle and 50 when I play games like Homefront but it never pass the 50c border. It stays around 48-49.
  2. ill log the temps when running 3dmark and see what i get
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    Okay, the 4350 is a low end graphic card. I doubt you can ever push it to 70c so you shouldn't worry as much. If you're anxious about it, get something like Speedfan to monitor your GPU temperature.
  4. i was using gpu z

    yeah its just a cheepy i bought so i didnt have to use integrated on my old board. I dont game much at all but when i do i can get by with decent graphics
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  6. my radeon 4350 frequently passes the 80degrees (c) border when playing intense games and has been known to hit 92 deg centigrade with no problem. mate, you don't have to worry
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