Is the AMD PHENOM II X4 840 enough for gaming?

will games ever use a 6core cpu? because im thinkng of upgrading my CPU to the AMD PHENOM II X4 840
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  1. Yes, but not if you have a good gpu.
  2. im thinking of getting the msi gtx 560 ti twin frozr 2GB, so what cpu will i need to handle this GPU?
  3. Yep it will. Though 2gb is a waste unless you are playing at resolutions above 1080p.
  4. thanks for the quick reply
  5. u should collect little bit more and get a phenom ii x4 955be its perfect for gaming and overclocking it will cost u little bit more but it will give u a lot of better performance than 840 and the 840 doesn't have an l3 cache so u should collect some more buy before the amd phenom ii x4 955be before it get finished from the market.
  6. I'd say get a BE cpu if you can. They have L3 and also can OC.
    just make sure your motherboard supports them.
  7. thanks alot for your feedback
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