New build for a customer - Double checking ideas.

Building a computer for 3d modelling and gaming. It'll be a computer that will be built-and-ready for the new AMD CPU's. She wants the AMD FX-Series FX-8150 (3.6GHz, 8-Core) and I'll be building the computer around that idea.

My first question centers around cooling the CPU. I heard that they might be bundling self-contained watercooling systems with the processors. My customer is quite tech-friendly, just worried about putting this much money together herself. I really want to do a water cooling system like the H100, but I can't figure out if the new FX-Series will fit the H100, or should I wait out for a bundled water cooler and CPU?

Here is a link to the build I put together, I will also be shopping around the internet for cheaper prices, so if you know you can get a part cheaper somewhere, please link me.

Newegg List
+AMD FX-Series FX-8150 (3.6GHz, 8-Core)
+Watercooling for the AMD FX-Series
+EVGA 590 (Fermi) Hydro Copper 2 (Dual GPU Watercooled Gfx Card)
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  1. I have the H50... I saw the new H100 and question where the fan set will go. On my H50 I added a second fan, they are stacked with 1 on the CPU fan controller and the other speed switchable. My i7-2600k OC'd to 4.4 runs at 47 - 49C in game. The switch fan is on medium only.

    From Corsair:

    Package Contents

    Corsair Cooling H100 CPU Cooler
    Two 120mm fans
    Multi-platform mounting kit (Intel ® LGA 1366, 1155, 1156, and 775, AMD® AM2/AM3) <<<<<< -- looked on NewEgg for your listed CPU, did not see it...
    Thermal compound (pre-applied)
  2. The AMD FX-Series are the new CPU's that are suppose to come out.

    FX Series Specifications
  3. the i7 2600k will be more powerful still. the intel processors are way stronger clock for clock.
  4. also what pump/resovoir/radiator are you using for the 590? if you want to do WC for that 590 might as well skip on that h100 and use WC for the whole build
  5. Quote:
    if the 8core BD is breaking world records, I think I will enjoy ocing a bulldozer myself :3

    thats great but i dont think they will cool their processor with liquid nitrogen. take a look at this (may want to llok through the whole article to get background info)-,2974-15.html the lower the better. bulldozer cannot fill the gap. they will be a little bit stronger but still not close to sandy bridge.
  6. Quote:
    Aren't the h100 being recalled because of a fan controller issue?

    that fan controller is stupid who is going to open up their case just to turn up or down their fans. that would become annoying very quickly
  7. Quote:
    I was thinking the BD would fall more between the i5 2500k and the i7 2800X in terms of overall performance/oc performance.

    Here's to hoping but it's more likely a bit weaker than the i5-2500k.
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