Just bought CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 and cant get 2000MHz

OK I'm having a hell of a time with this and have been working on it for hours. I was just trying to get it to 2000mhz as it is advertised. With my CPU oc it ran fine at 1600mhz but would crash at anything over.

So I reset my BIOS and used XMP. It would crash upon loading windows at 2000mhz and at 1700mhz. I then put the ram freq at auto and it is running stable now CPU-Z says DRAM Freq is 535.3 MHZ so I'm assuming its clocked at 1070. WHy with my default settings for my CPU can I not get the RAM to go up to 2000MHz? Any ideas?

I was also looking on another forum and they told someone with a different cpu to rais the QPI to 1.45 volts and it worked for them. I tried it and my computer wouldn't boot at all.

Right now I have default settings
I have an i7 960
rampage iii gene
h60 cooler
ATI HD6870

before (which I would like to switch it back)
BCLK= 200
multi = 20
cpu volt = 1.34
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  1. So I tried searching google for dominator gt frequency and i7 960 Unicore and it showed me a picture of a unicorn pissing on another unicorn. lol. I then put it in quotes and I got this forum with an italian guy with a similar setup.


    I copied his settings and got my RAM working at 1744mhz with my 4.0ghz oc. How do I adjust the unicore in bios? Any ideas where to go from here to get to 2000 mhz?

    thanks for your reply.
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