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Hi guys. I'm having an issue with an Acer Aspire ZG5 AOA-150. Whenever i press certain buttons it will also press other buttons. I've ruled out all software issues since it occurs in BIOS (it always goes to the boot menu) and i installed Windows 7 over XP to try and solve it and it still happened. I used a program that tracks key button presses which showed that f12 is triggered by 0 and 9 (not everytime). When i press the up arrow key it says up, down and right. If i press backspace it says backspace and home. I was recently writing a word document when the save command was stuck. As i type the little cursor blinks irregularly. And thoughts? It's really annoying me now. Everything else works fine by the way. Thanks.
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  1. Maybe the keyboard is going bad?
  2. If it happens in bios, I'd flash your bios to a updated revision, the problem is not based in windows if its happening in bios screens
    and as Enigma says, possibly a keyboard problem, have you stripped it and made sure the ribbons are all tight?
  3. I should also add that i have taken apart the latpop to check the connectors and have even reconnected them. Still the problem exists.
  4. Ok, use cpu-z or hw monitor to ascertain your current bios version, then see if an updated version is available from the Acer website, if there is, grab it
  5. Motopsychojdn said:
    Ok, use cpu-z or hw monitor to ascertain your current bios version, then see if an updated version is available from the Acer website, if there is, grab it

    I'll try it out and get back to you.
  6. No probs,
  7. Ok, it hasn't seemed to work. I updated the bios and it's pretty much the same.
  8. Hmm, contact manufaturer/vendor then I'm afraid,
    you've ruled out ribbon connection error and bios functionality, anything else is going to be out of laymans territory I think, things like solder traces overlapping, so i'd get the seller to sort it.
    sorry we couldn't help more man,
  9. Yeah, i'm not exactly pro with the solder iron either. :P It's cool man. I've actually just been informed that someone tripped over the wire and it fell off a coffee table on a carpet. So it must have been some damage it took then. It's been fine for 3 years.
  10. Aha, the mystery clears, simple solution here, beat the offending wiretripper to death with the netbook, it won't fix it but you'll at least feel vindicated :P
    as for the solder pro comment, I don't know of any human that could solder that well, the traces are often less than a hairs breadth,
    Acer may be able to help but I reckon it would be more cost effective to sort a new one out, your probably looking at a new keyboard (not too costly) or a new Mobo(save data and ditch)
  11. Haha, i would if it wasn't a 3 year old. :P
    I guess so, just rechecked those connections, they're pretty damn pro. :P
    Hopefully it'll be on the cheap. I want to get a force feedback wheel and some upgrades for my quad core gaming desktop. :D
    I'll try something like ebay.
  12. 3 year old laptop, 3 year old child, theres a certain ironic poetry there hehe
    child kills laptop, laptop kills child, and the circle of life is complete hehe
    I'd say try for a new keyboard then, hopefully that will sort it
  13. Haha! Wise words. :P Now i've to decide whether to get a white or black keyboard. Tis a white Aspire. I'll try my usb keyboard for my desktop too.
  14. Aaah, good thinking there,
    hopefully usb keyboard should work fine, if so that highlights your inhouse board as being knacked,
  15. Only thing is i'm not the only one who uses this laptop. And my desktop is incredibly heavy and in an awkward place. :P
  16. Thanks man! What do you think of those roll up waterproof ones though?
  17. Could be handy with a small child around,
  18. Lol, that was actually my uncle visiting and his 3 year old knocked it down. I'm kinda careless too so its a good idea that i get one. :P
  19. Guys, thought i'd let you know that somehow it has managed to sort itself out. Kinda confused. :P
  20. Might have been liquid damage and its dried out now, glad its sorted though man and thanks for letting us know :)
  21. Lol. No liquid went near it though. :P
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