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Will my psu work??? with this computer? Please Help :D

Mobo- ASRock 880GMH-LE/USB3 AM3 Motherboard

Gpu- Sapphire Radeon Ati HD 6770

Cpu- AMD Athlon II X2 260

Ram- Corsair CMV4GX3M2A1333C9 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3

PSU info- 400w max- 380w continuous Old PSU






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    380 continuous and 400 max, odd
    Single 12v rail at 17a does not equal a 380 watt psu, more like a 250w
    40a on the 5v, that's designed for older systems.
    You getting what I'm leading to ?

    Get a new psu
  2. not trusted product.
  3. Ok thanks, how many watts should I get on my next psu?
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  5. Inanenova said:
    Ok thanks, how many watts should I get on my next psu?

    A good quality 380 watt psu would be fine for your specs
    This psu , wherever you can find it, don't know your location, is a favorite low power reccomendation
  6. And, like what will happen if I throw in crysis with my current psu?
  7. What do you mean ?
    Are you asking if Crysis could cause your computer to require so much power that a 380w psu might pop ?
    If yes, the answer is no, your computer will run Crysis as well as it can, and you won't come anywhere near blowing the psu up in the process.
  8. ok thats great :D, my last question is, Would I be able to run my computer on the 250w for a bit, it would be for a few days or so?
  9. You could try it, don't think I'd try playing Crysis with it though.
  10. Ok, thanks for you help
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