Bad PSU?

Hello everyone, I need some advice on what I think is a power supply problem.

I recently upgraded from an Athlon II 250 to a Phenom II 1090T, and also upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 8GB, and ever since my computer has randomly crashed. Some days it wont even boot, others it can go 5-6 hours on a game and be fine, but it always crashes in the end.

I know my power supply isnt the best quality (Powercolor 650W 80 Plus) so im guessing it may be that. I just need confirmation before I start sending parts back. Here are the full specs of the computer. Thanks in advance.

CPU: Phenom II x6 1090T
GPU: Sapphire HD5850
RAM: 8GB Mushkin Radioactive 1600Mhz 1.35v
MOBO: Asrock 880GMH USB3
1 7200 RPM HDD
1 DVD/RW drive
2 case fans
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  1. It's probably the power supply overheating, but bluescreens could also indicate a ram issue. Troubleshooting isn't an exact science, but here's some videos and pointers:
  2. I thought it may have been a RAM issue, so i ran memtest from a boot cd. 3 passes with no errors.

    Its rarely a bluescreen crash, the computer would either just lock up doing something as simple as opening a program, or refuse to boot into the BIOS.

    I should have probably mentioned I've tried reinstalling windows 7. The components are no more than 6 months old and I haven't been anywhere near overclocking yet so all settings are at stock ( i even put them all in manually just in case).
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