Windows Aero issues

I'm having an on going issue where when using any theme other than "Windows Classic" where:

- When typing in the search box in the control panel, or any other explorer window I'll get about a second or two worth of tying and then everything that I typed disappears and i have to start typing from the beginning again but it keeps disappearing over and over.

- when hovering the mouse over icons on the task bar to preview the windows that are open, the preview window opens and I don't have enough time to move my mouse to select a window before it closes again.

-various windowed programs; most often Firefox will have the bar at the top that uses the aero glass (transparency) flicker between opaque and transparent,

I assume It's an explorer, or windows Aero GUI issue.

This is a new issue for me, never happened on my old computer, and didn't happen on this one which has been running windows 7 for months with no issues. (ie; i thought it was an update rolled back and its still here) Short of reformatting does any one have suggestions?

Windows 7 professional 64bit
x6 1065t AMD (2.9hz)
6 gigs ram
XFX ATI 6790 1gig
1tb hdd
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  1. i found some of your bugs but not all as a result of people getting IE9.
    but was old so updates will fix it if thats the problem. updating windows is likely you best fix anyways.
    you could try a repair option. i dont know what windows 7 does with the repair so i cant say if it will have any effect.
  2. ive also had the text problem before from a bad video driver. updating that might help
  3. Update:

    I've determined that what ever is causing this starts after I log in to windows; there is a brief period where things are starting up still and I can access programs and it works fine.

    then suddenly the problems in the OP start
  4. Another update:

    I used "driver sweeper" to get rid of all ATI elements on the machine, and when running with the default windows driver I had no problems.

    Going to try reinstalling the ATI drivers now. I was running 11.2 when I got the issue so I'll try that first. If that creates and Issue I'll go back to 11.1
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