32g 1600 or 1866

Good Morning I just need a quick opinion would you go with 32g of ram in 1600 or 1866 right now newegg is running a special on 32g of 1600 for like 149.99

Also, I already have a SSD along with 3 other 2tb drives, an ati 7970 GHZ edition, an eight core processor, noctua cpu cooler, crosshair V MB, and running windows 7 ultimate (waiting a bit to upgrade to 8). In other words there really is not much else to upgrade on my system except max out my RAM at 32g.
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  1. Go with the 1600, and don't bother with windows 8. What would you ever use 32 gig for.
  2. Thank you for your suggestion, I was thinking 1600 would be fine.

    To answer your question, I want 32g for a few reasons. One just future proofing my machine, after the next few months I will not be able to upgrade my system for a long time. I am trying to max everything out so I can continue to game with ease over the course of the next few years.

    Two, I run a 4 to 5 monitor setup, I do on occasion multi-box in some games, and I run several virtual machines. I also do a lot of audio and video encoding and am getting ready to rip and convert my 6,000 DVD collection into digital version on a Quad external icy dock. I do not have the HDD yet but hopefully for X-mas someone will get me the 4 3tb drives I require.

    Also, I thought 149.99 was a pretty good deal for 32g of RAM most are in the upper 190 to 220 range and even if you get non kit ram its still 169 to 189 for that much so I wanted to take advantage of their sale.
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