Zotac GTX 470

Hello I have a very annoying problem with my graphics card.

I just recently built a new system, the specs are as follows nothing has been overclocked

Intel i5-2500k @ 3.30Ghz
Corsair 8GB 1600MHz CL9 DDR3 Vengeance Memory (2x4GB)
Asus P8P67LE
Thermaltake 750W PSU
and the little blighter that's causing the problem: Zotac GTX 470

The Background

The computer had been running fine for around 3 days, I had been playing Crysis 2 on max settings with the Graphics card reaching temps of around 50 degrees celsius (stock cooler) which I looked up and saw to be normal. Then the other day, in my infinite wisdom I thought: 'I know, let me control my fan settings' with this as my mission I went on to install nTune which requires an Nvidia chipset (mine is Intel) I ran the programme and nothing happened, so flummoxed and not knowing that it required the aforementioned chipset I set to watch a few videos on youtube. Lo and behold:

The Problem

Ever since that fatefull install, my graphics card has had the driver 'stop responding' the videos go green and I can only hear the sound. On viewing something in fullscreen mode my whole system freezes up leaving me watching a still photo. When this happens I am unable to use my mouse or keyboard. So no CTRL+ALT+DEL. All of this also happens within the first seconds of watching a video, it also happens in games. With Crysis 2 it will allow me to shoot a few aliens with perfect performance before locking up completely. As you can imagine it is quite frustrating. It works perfectly with surfing the internet and runs on idle fine.

What I've done

I have reinstalled the drivers countless times. Reformatted my Hard Drive completely, ran Driver Sweeper. Changed operating system from Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit to Vista Home Premium 64-bit (only disk I had to reformat).

So I beseech you, please help me I want to play the last level of Crysis. It feels like loosing a book when you're on the last chapter
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  1. don't use nTune. when you install the driver don't install nTune and see if the problem still happen. why did you use nTune for anyway?
  2. I have reformatted and long since nTune, the problem still happens. As for why...stupidity
  3. Back up your files and applications, wipe your drive and reinstall. You'll lose your Windows preferences, but at this point that's probably not your worry. Make sure you grab entire application folders to retain preferences, your saved Crysis game etc (I believe that works).
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