Need some tips, i am a computer noob.

I was just wondering if a 300 watt power supply would cover the following:

Core i5 2300

amd radeon 5670

6 gigs of ram

regular motherboard

and a 7200rpm hard drive.

Any tips would be great
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  1. NO.

    How to choose a Power Supply:
    1. estimate the Wattage (online calculator or guess)
    2. Amperage (required by graphics card)
    3. quality brand (Antec, Corsair etc)
    4. Price (on sale?)

    For example, I recommend you buy the Antec 620W High Power PSU. I saw it on sale for less than $100 at NCIX. It's a quality PSU and supplies 48Amps for the graphics card (A GTX570 requires 38Amps).

    This PSU has plenty of Wattage and Amps for your system and if you decide to purchase a high-end graphics card in the future.

    New cards are coming in 2012. I'm getting a GTX600 series. Both AMD and NVidia's cards will consume roughly HALF the power so your PSU could handle one of the new NVidia GTX600 or AMD 7000 series cards with twice the performance of a GTX570 easily.

    1) Wattage
    2) Amps
    3) Quality PSU
  2. CPU Heatsink:
    I recommend a non-stock HSF for anyone with a good CPU like you. There's no need to overclock for games (I do temporarily for converting video) but the fan is quieter even when your system is IDLE.

    NCIX has some good heatsinks.

    Tips for you:
    1. 92mm fan (120mm heatsinks are way too large)
    2. Fan should face towards your back or side case fan. It depends on your case. Most face towards the REAR so don't get one that faces up from the CPU in that case.
    3. spend $30 to $50
    4. read a few reviews/comments
  3. it might, but dont do it... i sure as heck wouldn't waste 400 bucks ina burning heap of melted metal because i cheaped out on a psu :D

    grab a 500w+ bronze or higher unit from antec, corsair, seasonic
  4. Over-clocking a CPU OR/AND using an after market heat sink and fan will void your warranty supplied from Intel and AMD.
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