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Does anyone know the specific model # of the motherboard in a Asus Essentio CM-1730-05 tower ?? I just got 1 and plan to switch the components to an Antec 902 case, but want to go to 16 gigs of DDR3 and need to know the best speed to get. (1333?) I don't game, and know NOTHING at all about overclocking, so I want plug and play sticks, without bios adjustments. I have to upgrade the video and the power supply also, and plan to use a Viotek 850 watt Modular power supply. I'm looking at Crucial Ballistix 1333 ram but know nothing about cas latency, timing or voltage. Can someone dumb it down enough for me to understand please ??s For the video card, I'm looking at a Asus ENGTX 550 TI a 192 bit GDDR5 card. Since I don't game, will this card be ok ?? I HATE waiting for it to buffer when I watch a movie or youtube video !! Thanks for the help in advance !!
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    The time lag on movies and youtube videos not the fault of the video card. It's caused by your internet connection.

    I checked the specs on the Asus site. It just said "1333 MHz DDR3 RAM". The Crucial site:
    has a system scanner that will give you a recommendation for compatible memory.

    For a memory primer, check wikipedia:

    An 850 watt PSU is massive overkill. One of my systems has an OC'd Q9550, 4 GB RAM, a GTX260 - a card with similar power requirements to yours, a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard, 3 hard drives and an optical, and a Soundblaster card all powered by a Corsair 750TX.

    Running 3 instances of Prime95 to load the CPU and 3DMark06 to load the GPU, it pulls 375 watts from the wall as measured by my Kill-a-Watt meter. Figuring 80% PSU efficiency, the system pulls 300 watts from the PSU.

    I would recommend a lower powered, higher quality 600 watt PSU.
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