Getting low fps at Crysis DX11

i have AMD Radeon 6950 2gb , AMD Phenom II x6 1100T , 4Gb ram Corsair 1600mhz running @ 1920x1080 in begening of game was around 40 Fps on Ultra with DX11 enabled but after some misions im getting around 20 Fps or low ... it is that the game have more details in some misions ... can anyone help me where the problem stands ?
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  1. need more graphics horse power than that, I'm running 6950s in crossfire on a sandy bridge system, and i still only get 55-60fps with some outdoor dips to mid 40s...
  2. thnxx dude anyway .. now i can run @ ultra high with dx11 @ 40 fps i found what problem was :)
  3. what was the problem?
  4. @redsn0w:

    I am also interested in your reason for low FPS.
  5. Just updated the catalyst center to 11.8
    and for the moment its working good :)
  6. Good :) Thanks for information.
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