LPT PCI Card & Now The Printer Is Not Assignable on the Network


I recently upgraded computers in the office and the primary laser printer has an LPT interface. The motherboards in the new computers do not have this port, so I purchased a PCI LPT card and installed it. The printer works fine on the computer with the card installed, but now none of the other computers on the network can access it. I'm running XP on all the systems. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Have you enabled the Sharing of the printer?
  2. Get a Ethernet JetDirect box for your printer. Something like http://www.bing.com/shopping/HP-JetDirect-EX-Plus-print-server-1-ports/search?q=hp%20jetdirect%20external&p1=%5bCommerceService+scenario%3d%22o%22+docid%3d%22373AF1ED9F475B1EBE2C%22%5d&wf=Commerce that will work with a parallel connection. Then configure your computers to print via IP to the printer or setup a server to share the printer out. Don't waste your time sharing a printer off one regular PC via print/file sharing, it's a poor solution unless you are doing it at home with 1 or 2 computers. A used external JetDirect box is cheap enough to not matter much.
  3. I've enabled sharing, yes. I even tried renaming the shared name and setting up from scratch and I receive an error that the printer name was input incorrectly...

    I agree, going another route would be best, but I'm hoping I can just limp by until the printer fails and I can go USB. It worked well enough before, so I'm hoping I can sort this out and utilize the equipment I currently have. I appreciate the input nonetheless.
  4. USB will be bad as well, for a workgroup office environment, your best bet is to network the printer. You're looking for a solution to the wrong issue.

    If you really want to use a share on a computer, delete the share, don't just rename it. Since you are getting an error, pick another name, you are already getting info as to what's wrong, shoule be easy to fix. From your post it seemed like you already had the share created but no-one could access it, not that you could not even create the share.
  5. On the other computer when you go to the Workgroup can you see you computer?

    If yes, can you see the printer when you double click your computer icon?

    If yes, can you right click on the printer and choose connect?
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