System Ginds to halt on Boot device detection

Hi there,

I've been browsing your forum to find an answer, but it seems only lucky me hangs at this point:

I got myself some new toys and assembled them into my Tower:

Kingston Hyper X Genesis 32GB Ram Kit (KHX1600C9D3K8/32GX)
S-2011 ASUS P9X79, ATX (90-MIBHE0-G0AAY00Z)
Intel Core I7 - 3990K, 3,2Ghz, LGA2011, 6-Core (BX80619I73930K)
SATA 6GB/s WD Green 1TB HD 64MB Cache (WD10EZRX)
NOCTUA NH-L12 Cooler
Intel 330 SSD 180GB (SSDSC2CT180A3K5)
PCI-E 2.0 ZOTAC GeForce GT620 Synergy Edition, retail, 1024 (ZT-60502-10L)

First, the System stopped at the RAM check, but thanks to the RAM-OK button, it continued, but soon ground to a halt at it's boot-device check with it's light glowing red and the bios signal (1 long, 4 short) telling me pretty much nothing. :fou:

It does not matter, which Sata Slot I use nor which HDD (or even none). Since it does not display anything on the screen at this point, I'm pretty much stumped. :heink:

Any clues?
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  1. OK, back to close the Thread: After fiddlicg around for a while, the monitor DID come to life and lo and behold: I was able to go into the BIOS.

    It was My fan (actually the secondary fan) which was going to slow for the mainboard. Since this is one huge Monster of a fan, I disabled the warning and voila, boot resumed.

    Just wanted to close the thread.
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