How much memory?

I have an HP a4310f Pavilion desktop. I have 4gb RAM preinstalled on my computer.
I am attempting to determine if I can upgrade to 8gb RAM. So far, reading has not made this clear.

Will this extra memory ( if possible) improve my performance?

The manual was ambiguous on this subject.
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  1. 32 bit windows won't be able to utilize more than about 3.25 gb of ram; check to see if you have 64 bit windows first.
  2. Yes, I do have 64 bit windows.
  3. Take a look at this site:

    You already have the max possible. 2 slots with 2 Gb each
  4. depend of what you are doing. The AMD Athlon II X2 250 is an old midrange/low end processor, and that desktop use integrated video.
  5. you have 2 questions
    1) can i upgrade ram?
    Go to and use their automatic detector. and it will tell you if you can or cannot

    2)will the extra memory improve your performance?
    Depends on if the tasks you are doing are being constrained by memory.
    If you go to TaskManager and observe the memory usage. If the Memory usage is approaching or exceeding the 4GB then you may get a performance benefit.
    There are more complex diagnostics to really check memory usage but Task Manager is good enough for a general analysis.
    But if memory usage is lower than 4GB then you won't get a performance benefit
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    You could upgrade to 8gb, But it is dependent upon what you do, if your editing and rendering while running a bunch of programs at once, it would help. I have 8gb on my PC and honestly i never really go over 2.5gb even while gaming.

    Like said above, check the ram usage in task manager and go from there.
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