Troubleshooting old Foxconn MB

Hi all

I have a very old MB that I'm trying to troubleshoot.

The board is a Foxconn 6150K8MA-8EKRS socket 939 w/ on-board NVIDIA GeForce 6150 []

I purchased this board in 2006 and it has been stable as hell ever since then, until recently.

About a week or so ago, the board powered off out of nowhere while I was doing some web browsing. I restarted, thinking it was a software error or something. Stupid me. Everything ran fine, but eventually, it powered off again. So I examined inside the case and discovered the clip from inside the heatsink that came with my AMD 64 3500+ that attaches to the board had somehow broken in half. The heat-sink/fan was still semi attached to the processor, but not entirely. Also, the clip that originally came with my 3500+ wasn't a standard clip, it was a very thick plastic attachment of sorts.

So, I cleaned all the thermal compound off the processor chip with 70% isopropyl alcohol and put new compound on.....and decided to use a similar heat-sink/clip combo, from an AMD 3800+. This clip and heatsink are different than what I was using before, I am not sure if this matters? The clip is metal, not plastic like the one that broke. and isn't nearly as thick. Anyway, then I attached the heat sink and secured it, thinking everything would be good to go.

Nope. The computer is still powering off. What's even weirder, is if I attempt to use the onboard ethernet to connect to the internet, as soon as a website starts to load, the computer instantly powers off. But, if I'm just browsing through files without being on the internet, the computer seems fine for a longer period of time, but eventually it still powers off. I also noticed if I attach a wg11t wireless USB card or use a PCI ethernet card I can actually get on the internet for a short time, again though, the computer eventually shuts down.

I was even able to get a good 1-2 hour gaming session in on steam last night, but eventually the computer just shut off.

I tried operating the computer for a little while with the case open and also noticed a small ticking/circuit type of sound that IS NOT coming from the power supply, HDD or any fans, but seems to be coming from somewhere around the processor/4 pin connector. I can't exactly pinpoint exactly where it's coming from, despite trying so hard, lol Also as soon as I load the internet, those small ticks get faster and faster and turn into a very low level hiss/squealing/screeching sound of sorts, and the computer powers off.

I've tried 2 different power supplys, removed all components 1 by 1, all the basic trouble shooting steps. But in the end get the same results. There are no blown caps on the motherboard anywhere. Everything looks good, computer POSTS without a problem and temps seem to be where they are supposed to be.

What could this be? Did the CPU fry/become faulty when the clip/heat-sink became detached? I couldn't even say for sure how long it was like that, god only knows. Has to be either that or the mobo right? Also for some reason i'm thinking the fact that I'm not using the stock clip/heat-sink it could possibly have something to do with it?

I know the simple answer is look, the board is from 2006, get a new one. But I really want to try to get this system up and running again if at all possible.

I ordered a new heatsink/fan & processor off ebay the other day that I plan to do more troubleshooting with...but i'm not sure if it's even worth it seeing as the board could be fried, but i'm willing to try.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated....thanks
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