PCIE x16 slots in Asus P8Z77-M

Greeting all,

I'm planning to buy the P8Z77-M motherboard, Sound Blaster Recon3D PCIe x1 and graphics card Asus 660Ti.

The motherboard has only one PCIe x16 3rd Gen, one PCIe x16 2nd Gen and one PCIe x1.

The graphics card takes two slots, which means the PCIe x1 will be blocked.

So the only solution is to put the graphics card in the PCIe x16 3rd Gen slot, and the sound card in the PCIe x16 2nd Gen.

so far, what I know is that if you put two graphics cards in two PCIe x16 slots, they will run in x8 speed.

my question is:
Would my graphics card run in x8 speed if I put the sound card in the second PCIe x16 slot??

I appreciate your helps guys...
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    With that board, all 16 3.0 lanes are wired to the x16 3.0 slot (no sharing).

    The x16 2.0 slot only gets 4 lanes and it gets them from the chipset. What that means is that it's fine if you put the sound card in the 2.0 x16 slot because it won't bring the 3.0 slot down to only x8.
  2. That is cool, thanks for the info ...... ;)
  3. You're welcome. :)
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  5. Thanks guys, I just bought a wireless pci-e x1 card without even thinking about this! I should know better... ;)
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