Cannot set up bios using F2

Alienware M17X-R1 will not respond to F2 to set up bios. Previously F2 worked and the coin battery is suspect as setup would revert back to factory setting when turned off and battery removed. The location of the coin memory battery is still a mystery as I have had the major covers off the back and the keyboard lifted to search for it. The layout shown on the alienware site does not match this R1, which may be a 2006 or 2008 version depending on when you bought it as new.
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  1. As far as the CMOS battery, I believe that laptop used something other than a conventional 'coin' battery. Look for something like this:
  2. Maybe the early alienware m17 r1 rev 2 mother board memory power is missing on this computer. I noticed one connector on the MB that did not have the two conductor wiring required for a coin type battery as the dell shows.
    Thanks for the link for the main battery.
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