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  1. pudget is really good but heavily over priced. A system with a single gtx 570 for $3300? That is way to much. For that price you could fit in dual gtx 580s...

    If you want to go cheaper, just go with
    I got my system from them and everything works. Do not listen to the bad reviews, the company is seriously improving their systems, and customer service. You also get a warranty so yeah..
    Just please remember to pay a little extra for professional wiring, and make sure to get the safe shipping option.
    Most people who complain about their system having loose parts did not pay the extra $10 for the safe shipping. But they cannot blame loose parts on the company, they should be blaming it on the shipping companies (UPS, Fedex, you name it)

    Cyberpowerpc will make you happy, just do what I tell you and you will avoid horror stories :D
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